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Elevator safety precautions

1.First, the elevator can not overload, when the elevator alarm, it should take the initiative to exit, wait for the next trip, elevator overload is very dangerous.

2. When the door of the elevator is close, do not rush into the elevator forcibly to prevent the elevator from closing. Do not stop one foot inside and one foot outside, which will be harmed. When the elevator door is about to close, it is strictly forbidden to try to reopen the elevator door by extending the entrance clearance with your hands. Keep away from the elevator door. When closing the door, special attention should be paid to preventing clothing or other personal belongings from being squeezed by the elevator door.

3. When the elevator is in normal operation, do not press the emergency button, otherwise it will cause you unnecessary trouble. If you need to keep the elevator door open, you should press and hold the door button. If you need to carry things, you can ask other passengers to hold the door button for you. 


4. When taking an elevator, if the door of the elevator is not closed, it will run. This means that the elevator is out of order. Passengers should not take the elevator and report it to the maintenance personnel at the same time.

5, before arriving at the elevator, passengers should first see if there is a "stop and repair" sign on it. If the elevator is being repaired, this sign should be hung and passengers should not take it.

6. When a fire breaks out, the elevator should be stopped on the floor where the fire or fireworks do not spread. Passengers are forbidden to use the elevator to escape, but from the exit of the stairs.

7. In case of failure in elevator operation, passengers should not panic. They should press the intercom or alarm button to notify maintenance personnel for rescue. They should not press in disorder. Waiting is a wise choice to ensure safety.

8. After the elevator stops, passengers should observe the elevator car floor and floor level when entering or leaving the elevator. If the elevator is uneven, the elevator should be notified and repaired in time to ensure passenger safety.

9. When taking an elevator, please do not play, jump, make noise in the elevator to avoid affecting the normal operation of the elevator. Smoking and littering are prohibited in the elevator to keep the elevator clean and unobstructed.

10. Elevators should be regularly maintained and inspected by qualified professional manufacturers. Property management companies should be notified of elevator failures in time.