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The function of escalator brush

In addition to the escalator in the mall is the escalator. ~Do netizens know what they use the two brushes on the escalator? Curiosity drives me to understand. Here's my report.

Let's first take a look at the guesses of netizens:

Most netizens guess it's shoe-brushing. After all, it's brush.

Some netizens speculate that it is convenient to clean up the elevator and brush it down directly. Is it a little too long?

Okay, serious.

In fact, there are legal provisions to install brushes on escalators. "The accident risk can be reduced by installing anti-clip devices between the left and right sides of escalator and apron plate."

The anti-clip device here refers to the brush, which prevents the big guys from accidentally clipping their feet in the gap between the pedal and the edge, causing accidents.