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Escalator common faults and elimination methods

1. Escalator steps failure

The steps are the standing places for passengers to take the escalator and are also a continuously operating component. Due to environmental conditions, human factors, the machine itself and other reasons. The main faults include: the escalator combs are broken; the main shaft hole of the bracket is broken; the bracket cover is broken; the main wheel is degummed. Troubleshoot the step fault: replace the steps; replace the bracket; replace the bracket cover; replace the main wheel; replace the entire step, Sanjin has stock of OTIS, KONE, Schindler, Thyssenkrupp, Mitsubishi, Hyundai, BLT, Sigma steps and combs for replacement.

2. Traction chain failure

The traction chain is the largest force-bearing component of the escalator. Due to long-term operation, the wear is correspondingly serious. The main faults include: failure of the lubrication system; severe wear of the traction chain; and severe elongation of the traction chain. Traction chain troubleshooting method: replace the traction chain; adjust the tensioning device of the traction chain; remove the dust of the traction chain.

3. Failure of the drive unit

The main faults include: abnormal sound of the drive unit; the temperature rise of the drive unit is too fast.