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Safety secure machine on Elevator, part two of three

-Safety Gear

Last time we introduced the brakes in the safety components of the elevator, we will explain the explanation of the safety gear today.

In some special cases, the brakes are not tight and cause the car to slip. (Note that it is a slippery car. Because there is a counterweight, in general, the weight of the counterweight is the weight of the car plus half the weight of the elevator's rated load, so it is impossible. Free fall, it is only possible to slip.)

Here is a story about a pothole that has been heard before and caused the brakes to be tight. Some customers have chosen a small cottage to maintain the elevator. The maintenance personnel have no maintenance experience and are added inside the brake arm of the traction machine. A lot of oil, finished saying also, see how good our service attitude, receiving you so low prices to add so much oil to you, you see their original price is more expensive than ours, the brake arm does not give you fuel. The customer is right, then I will find you later!

Excuse me, can you add fuel to the brake arm? ? ? When I am going to maintain the car, if the staff tells you to add some oil to the brake pads, what do you think?

Of course, it is not just this possibility. Here is just an example of some situations that may cause the brakes to be tight and need to cause safety gear.

This is a photo of a safety gear, the operation principle of the specific safety gear. Since the space is not unfolded, there is no need to understand it. I will introduce the action flow of the safety gear here, and everyone can understand it.

Since the brake is not tight, the elevator will slip. Due to the acceleration, the elevator will definitely go faster and faster. When it reaches 115% of the rated speed, there will be a speed detecting component (speed limiter) in the machine room that will lock immediately. Death causes the safety gear mounted under the car to move and quickly clamp the rail. Moreover, the safety gear is a one-way locked structure, and when it moves, the elevator will be tighter as it goes down.

Here is a video of the safety gear action taken at the time of training. (Because the safety clamp action is extremely damaging to the guide rail, the training needs to be repeated, so it is impossible to make the whole car, and everyone can make up for it.)