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Elevator Got Problem? You May Need to Check the Encoder Throughly!

Encoder is one of the import part during an elevator's operation. When your elevator got problem, have you checked throughly about it's encoder? In this news, we will show two real examples about the problems that cuased by encoders:
Case Study #1:
There is a GPS-II Elevator that used to stuttering when levelling to floors. The maintenance checked again and again, but still cannot find the cause. Then one technician found out the the encoder's 9 opto-electronic holes were sealed off by dust. After clean up encoder, the elevator's operation finally back to normal.
Case Study #2: 
One VVVF Elevator suddenly stopped during it's operation, then it back to normal after it's automatic leveling. During checking, the maintenance team find that the problem was not cuased by braking circuit, safety circuit or door lock circuit, but cause by encoder: the encoder was badly frayed. The encoder's problem caused a signal severance during elevator operation.
After the news, here we will intruduce a simple way to check elevator's encoder:
It is because encoder, the mian board, inverter and motor can compete a closed-loop system, encoder's problem will have influence to motor's operation. Thus, when you have suspicion to encoder, try to cut off the encoder from the closed-loop system, if the motor can still work normally, then the problem will be from encoder. Otherwise, need to check with other parts to find the problem.
Hope can help you during your maintenance. In future news, we will keep share about some tips for you.